A 1949 Dodge that Stole our Hearts

This truck! This vintage 1949 Dodge B Series truck has so much history and so much excitement in its future!

As soon as we decided to open a mobile wood-fired pizza kitchen, we started looking at trucks. We found ourselves learning a whole new vocabulary, that included words like dually and undercarriage. We could look at a picture of a vintage truck and tell you the make and model without skipping a beat.

We browsed the internet continuously and kept our eyes peeled to those rural backyards where unused cars frequently pile up. We had a list of about 20 trucks from across the country that met all of our needs and could have been transformed into our mobile pizza kitchen. However, around the same time, our contractor sent us a text with a photo of this vintage 1949 Dodge B Series! It was adorable! (Ok, well that was my initial reaction! The guys, however, definitely used different words to describe it!) What stood out to me was that the truck was a Dodge. My PopPop would be so proud! He was a Dodge fanatic and honestly would not purchase any other brand of vehicle. In that moment, I knew this was our truck!

There were many considerations that went into account when making the final decision. (You know, like what kind of expression the front of the truck makes when you look at it, a smiley face or a scowl? Kind of kidding, but not really! I think we have watched Cars too many times?!?) The quality of the bones of the truck and the condition it was in when it was purchased was a major part of the decision. With the help of our contractor’s advising, it was a no-brainer! This 1949 Dodge B Series truck is our new Well Crafted home.

We can’t wait to share the transformation with you!  


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Co-owner of Well Crafted, Liz’s background in marketing and event-planning has her fired up to create fun and unique events! She is a visual person and does everything that she can to make us all drool while looking at our Well Crafted Pizza pictures!