Chana Masala Pizza

One of the many things I love about pizza is that the crust forms a beautiful blank canvas to showcase our creativity and delicious ingredients! Winter can be a little more challenging to find fresh produce, so it’s a great time to dig into the pantry and ingenuity.

While weathering the cold outside, I decided to spice things up in the kitchen by taking one of my favorite foods, chana masala, and figuring out how to put in on pizza.

I started getting the fragrance going with sautéing onions, garlic, and jalapeños– I love when you can smell the spice! Then it’s time for the substance– cauliflower, chickpeas (chana), and tomatoes. Masala is a mixture of Indian spices and is the key to the flavor; it’s no wonder Columbus tried to sail around the world to find these spices! Topped with mozzarella and fresh cilantro, the Chana Masala pie turned out to be a perfect example of a healthful yet comforting meal! A great meatless Monday option too as there are 2.5 grams of protein in every tablespoon of chickpeas.

The Chana Masala Pizza is part of our Winter Seasonal Menu. Hire us for your next event to try this tasty pie.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Co-owner of Well Crafted, Laura has a deep passion and understanding of the importance of community, sustainability, and interconnectedness. Her love of local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients has helped create our wonderfully tasty and unique Well Crafted menu.