Super Bowl Sunday Spicy Blue

It’s Super-Bowl Sunday which is the perfect time to work on our Spicy Blue pie. One of our specialty pies, Spicy Blue captures all the flavors of chicken wings into one pizza!

In order to achieve this we first went on a hunt to find the best Buffalo-inspired hot sauce Baltimore has to offer. For this round of testing, we are testing 3 local favorites: Huckle’s Late Harvest Jalapeno, Tessemae’s Buffalo, and Tree Frog Hot Sauce. The key is to strike the perfect combination of heat and tang with the cooling flavors of blue cheese and the refreshing celery crunch. I will also say that all of that all of these sauces are stand alone great hot sauces, hence they have made it to the next round off pizza testing!

As a native upstate-New Yorker, buffalo sauce runs in my blood, but as a vegetarian, I’ve had to get creative as to how to enjoy it in the absence of chicken wings. The solution is our vegetarian version of this pie where we substitute cauliflower bite for chicken!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Co-owner of Well Crafted, Laura has a deep passion and understanding of the importance of community, sustainability, and interconnectedness. Her love of local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients has helped create our wonderfully tasty and unique Well Crafted menu.